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Morton Prescribed Burn

Updated: May 1, 2019

Drone It had the pleasure of working alongside Lands and Forests Consulting to film many of their prescribed burns in the previous weeks. The Morton property was owned by Grand River Conservation Authority. The burn site consisted of 3 blocks totaling just under 50 acres. The property was being burned because it exhibits features that are preferred by the Eastern Meadowlark. The site was previously burned in the spring of 2012, unfortunately due to a minimal grass component the fire struggled to sustain itself. Since 2012 the site has responded very well to seeding efforts, the prairie grass component has increased dramatically and in the spring of 2017 the site was burnt again. The goal of the burn in 2017 was to control non-native cool season grass species on the site. The burn enhanced soil conditions as well as successfully set back the invasion of Manitoba maple.

Our team at Drone It not only filmed the controlled burn and also kept a close eye on the surrounding area for spot fires. The burn took place on Wednesday April 24th, and only took a few hours to complete. Our team had a great day filming and viewing the controlled burn and look forward working with Lands and Forests Consulting and the Grand River Conservation Authority on future projects.

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