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Our Teams Certifications

SFOC (Special Flight Operation Certificate)

Before June 1st, 2019 an SFOC was required to fly commercially in Canada. However, Transport Canada no longer requires a pilot to obtain an SFOC to fly commercially. Instead, pilots are now required to get a basic or advanced certificate for RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft systems). An SFOC is still required for operations beyond visual line of sight and if the drone is flying over an event. In operations where this is required Drone It will be able to obtain an SFOC upon request.

New Drone Laws

Transport Canada has created new drone laws that came into effect on June 1st, 2019. We have our advanced pilot certificate which means we are able to fly in urban areas and over people. With the advanced pilot certificate, we can also obtain permission from Nav Canada to fly near an airport or heliport. We will also be able to obtain an SFOC if flying over an event.


Ease your mind knowing that our pilots have one million in liability insurance. This covers us for many types of operations. Our insurance also covers our equipment which means we are able to have the operation back up and running in case of an incident.

ROC-a (Restricted Radio Operator Certificate- Aeronautical)

A ROC-a is the certificate pilots have that allows them to communicate with air traffic control. In order to fly in controlled airspace UAV  pilots are also required to have this certificate. We have our ROC-a as well as the equipment to communicate with air traffic control as well as manned aircraft. This allows us to safely fly around airports and heliports. 

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