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At Drone It we are able to gather data that can save farmers thousands. With today's technology, we are able to map a field and gather information on plant health. This data can then be uploaded to new farm equipment giving it the information it needs to work efficiently on your field. 


How it works: We start out by creating a flight plan for the UAV. We tell the software how high to fly and how much detail we want. The software then calculates the number of photos it needs to take and how long it will need to fly for. Once all this information is gathered the UAV will then fly over the land and take multiple photos. That data is then uploaded to Drone Deploy and a detailed map will be created.


Once that is completed you can then use third-party software that connects to your farm equipment. If this farm equipment is equipped with a GPS it will be able to precisely do work on your field. The equipment will adjust itself on how much fertilizer it will need to apply to your field in certain areas.  Along with saving money on your fertilizer bill. The software will be able to you to recover crops and increase your yield on the field.

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